Glinda's Guidance

Glinda's Guidance

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The Ruby Slipper Principles

The Ruby Slipper Principles - to overcome self-doubt, stop questioning your worth, and take courageous steps toward creating a life fulfilled.

A captivating action/adventure guide to self-illumination. Discover how to navigate your soul as you uncover your heroic journey, tap into the magic of your Universal GPS, and unleash the power of your ruby slippers.

This is the 'sneak peek' pre-release version of the book; soon to be published in Kindle and print available on Amazon.

what you’ll find within...

read this first!: not just another shelf-help book
why the wonderful wisdom of oz?

Part I - The Oznalogy
CHAPTER 1: where is your happy ending?
CHAPTER 2: how an epic story released a silent girl's voice

CHAPTER 3: the archetypes of oz
CHAPTER 4: the oznalogy
CHAPTER 5: your heroic journey-the oznalogy of you

Part II - The Ruby Slipper Principles
CHAPTER 6: the ruby slipper principles - a hot air balloon perspective
CHAPTER 7: you're not of kansas any more
CHAPTER 8: feed toto
CHAPTER 9: embrace the tornado
CHAPTER 10: call on glinda
CHAPTER 11: break free from munchkinland
CHAPTER 12: follow your yellow brick road
CHAPTER 13:introduce your intellect & heart to your courage
CHAPTER 14: swat down the flying monkeys
CHAPTER 15:stay awake in the poppies
CHAPTER 16: peek behind the wizard’s curtain
CHAPTER 17: pour water on the witch
CHAPTER 18:click your heels
CHAPTER 19: there's no place like home

AFTER OZ: an interview with glinda
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